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Mtroniks Viper Marine 15 Plug n Play Electronic Speed Controller

Part No:

Price: 24.95 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 28.69(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$27.03(Tax Free)

The Viper Marine15 Plug 'n' Play is a brushed speed control designed specifically for use in RC model boats.

It has a 15Amp motor limit, what this means is that you can use any, DC brushed motor, as long as the current drawn by that motor does not exceed 15Amps under load (with the prop connected, under water).

The Marine15 Plug 'n' Play is the perfect speed controller for anybody wanting to either upgrade their old speed controller for a no nonsense 15Amp limit reversible electronic speed control or for anybody who uses scale model RC boats at scale speeds and doesn't want the added job of setting anything up!

The Plug 'n' Play is a popular choice from the ever popular line of Viper marine speed controls, this is due to all the features that are included, such as a built in failsafe, 100% proportional, fine throttle control in both directions, and motor stall protection, which is a feature that cannot be overlooked when a possible encounter with weeds is always just round the corner and also the automatic calibration to your radio system as you use it.

Not to forget that the Viper Marine range of speed controllers are all completely 100% waterproof and designed to work on fully charged 12V Lead Acid batteries!

Technical Specification
Product Type Speed Controller Only
Motor Type Brushed
Current Limit 15 Amps
Direction Forwards/Reverse
Battery Type NiCAD/NiMH/Lead Acid
Lipo safe No
Operating Voltage Maximum 12.0 Volts
Set up Auto 'Plug n Play'
BEC 1.2A
Motor Short circuit protection Yes
Thermal overload protection Yes
Failsafe Built in
Dimensions L39.0mm x W34.0mm x H13.0mm
Weight 55.0g

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