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Explanation of Kit Difficulty Ratings:

Unfortunately, determining how 'difficult' a kit is to build is, by nature, subjective. While one modeller may build a large complex kit such as HMS Victory as their first model and make an extremely good job of it, most modellers would not attempt such a kit without first building 2 or 3 smaller models.
The idea of a beginner kit is one from which the modeller can learn the basic skills required with the minimum possible outlay and still enjoy the experience.

Before looking at the difficulty ratings we offer the following important advice - above almost everything else, choose a kit which interests you. Each of the models you build should be models that you would be proud to display/take to the local pond. Please do not fall into the trap of building a model purely because you see it as a stepping stone to building the model you really want. If you are not enthusiastic about the model you are building, you are far less likely to complete it.
Remember, if you are unsure or you just want some advice or guidance we are more than happy to help, please see our contacts page for full contact details.

The following difficulty ratings are intended as a guide only and are determined after assessing the kit materials, completeness, time required to build the model, ease of construction and quality of plans/instruction manuals.

Beginner Kits: It should be realised that beginner kits are not necessarily 'simplified' models but can be extremely detailed. They are therefore deemed to be kits of a high enough standard that they can be completed with relative ease by a first time modeller.

Beginner/Intermediate Kits: These kits are suitable for a confident beginner or anyone who has previous model building experience.

Intermediate Kits: These kits are suitable for modellers with previous experience, generally falling into the category of 'an excellent second or third model'.

Intermediate/Advanced Kits: These kits are generally aimed at modellers with previous experience and knowledge of the model style/construction techniques.

Advanced Kits: These kits should generally not be attempted unless you have previously built one or two models of a similar style