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Model Boat Tools:  Swann Morton Scalpels

Swann-Morton knife handles and blades are precision instruments. By following the manufacturers guidelines you can prolong the life of your handles and blades while keeping yourself and other safe.

Blades should be applied to scalpel handles with heavy tweezers or pliers and in doing so the tweezers/pliers should not be allowed to touch or overlap the blade cutting edge.

The safe disposal of all knife blades is important to ensure not only your own safety but the safety of all those who may come into contact with the blades after your disposal. We recommend the use of the Swann-Morton surgical blade remover unit. This unit is sealed and safely removes blades from all No. 3, 4, 5A, 6A & Retractaway handles. The unit has a capacity of 100 blades and costs just £1.00 - that's just 1p per blade to ensure safe disposal. The surgical blade remover unit also helps to prolong the life of your scalpels by cutting down on the wear and tear of scalpel blade fixtures caused by removal of blades with tweezers/pliers.