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MFA 950D 385 Type Motor with Single Ratio Metal Gearbox 148:1

Part No:
Price: 17.56 (Including VAT)

Approx: 17.12 / US$20.04 Tax Free

Designed for heavy-duty industrial and model applications this robust unit boasts a powerful high quality, five pole RE385 motor with sintered bronze bearings. The all steel gearbox incorporates sleeve bearings, enabling the high torque transfer from the motor to be transmitted through the gearbox. The unit is mounted on a 1mm thick plated steel bracket.

Motor Type RE-385
Operating Voltage 6-15 volts.
Current approx.0.84A at max efficiency 12v.
RPM at 12.0v - 9281 at max efficiency.
Weight 250g (approx)
Output Shaft Diameter - 6.mm

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