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Hitec HS645MG Ultra Torque 8kg All Metal Gear Servo

Part No:

Price: 28.99 (Including VAT)
Euro: 31.89 (Inc VAT) US$29.48 (Tax Free)

The HS-645MG represents a new generation of Hitec servos. Utilizing the unique MP and Alumite gear train technology.The powerful HS-645MG is perfect for those applications that demand a high torque servo.

Motor Type : 3 Pole Ferrite
Bearing Type : Dual Bearing
Torque 4.8/6.0v : 7.7 / 9.6 kg.
Speed 4.8/6.0v : 0.24 / 0.20 second
Size : 41x20x38mm
Weight : 55.2g.

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