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Hitec HS5485HB Digital High Torque HD Gears Dual BB

Part No:

Price: 17.99 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 20.33(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$19.64(Tax Free)

The HS-5485HB is Hitec’s lowest price digital servo and is an excellent choice for sport airplanes up to .60 size. Featuring a programmable digital circuit and our Karbonite™ gear technology that offers four times the strength as our standard nylon gears and after hundreds of thousands of cycles won’t show any signs of wear.*See Karbonite guidelines below

¦4.8v to 6.0v
¦Motor Type - 3 Pole
¦Bearing Type - Top Ball Bearing
¦Speed (4.8V/6.0V) - 0.20 / 0.17 sec @ 60 deg.
¦Torque kg./cm. (4.8V/6.0V) - 5.2 / 6.4
¦Size in Millimetres - 39.88 x 19.81 x 37.85
¦Weight grams - 45.08
¦Gears - Karbonite

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