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AP2113W Vermillion 18ml

Part No:
Admiralty Paints
Price: 2.81

Approx: 2.74 / US$2.83 Tax Free

Sold in 18ml bottles, Admiralty Paints Vermillion

Admiralty Paints are touch dry in 2 - 4 hours and hard dry in 8 - 16 hours depending upon drying conditions. These times will be extended under cooler conditions and accelerated under warmer conditions. Admiralty Paints Enamels are all white spirit thinnable. Due to the quality of pigments and chemicals used small amounts, of both enamels and waterbased, can cover larger areas.
When applying more than one coat, the second coat should be applied after 24 hours of the first application. Not only will this ensure the paints do not turn glossy but in many cases, after 24 hours, you will find sufficient coverage from only 1 or 2 coats.

Note: the colour as shown is a representation only as it will appear differently on different computer monitors and printers.

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