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Aerokits Sea Commander 34in Cabin Cruiser

Part No:
Price: 190.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 185.25 / US$216.91 Tax Free

Aerokits Sea Commander 34in Cabin Cruiser with Fittings Set
Aerokits Sea Commander model boat kit is 34" long and based on the lines of a typical early 60's ocean going cabin cruiser.

Complete with all required timber, CNC manufactured pre-cut & pre-profilled components, all windows glazed and framed, integral engine mount, integral RC platform, 12" inch M4 stainless stell propshaft, coupling unitr, hull matched 40mm 2 bladed prop, brass rudder, comprehensive instruction manual and scale plan sheets.
Comes complete with fittings set

Length: 864mm approx

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