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UHU Por Glue (Foam Friendly) 50ml

Part No:

Price: 3.80 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 4.30(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$4.15(Tax Free)

Contact glue for contacts of Styrofoam parts and glueing with wood, paper, metal, textiles, and plastic materials.

UHU por
quick-setting special adhesive for bonding hard foam such as Styrofoam®, also in combination with other materials
the elastic adhesive film is colourless, non-ageing, and waterproof.
UHU por is a quick-setting special adhesive for bonding expanded polysterene, e.g. Styropor® also in combination with other materials. It forms an elastic adhesive film which is highly resistant to age, colorless and waterproof.
Designed to glue all types of foam including Depron. Clear, fast drying and very strong contact glue takes only 10 minutes to set then its ready to press together. Will glue virtually anything to foam.

Glue expanded Styrofoam® also in combination with other materials, e.g. wood, paper, metal, ceramic, plaster, fabric and various plastics. Also for photos.

Use and Handling Instructions
Apply adhesive to both parts and let dry. Once dry to the touch (after approx. 10 minutes) press together very firmly for a short time being careful not to damage the rigid foam film.

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