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Spraycraft SP15 Easy-to-Use Airbrush

Part No:
Price: 19.99

Approx: 19.49 / US$19.66 Tax Free

Spraycraft SP15 Easy-To-Use Airbrush

This general-purpose airbrush is designed to be simple to use, the single action trigger is easy to operate and with external mix there is less cleaning required.

Spray large areas with ease or create & decorate with stencils and masks, ideal for use with most paints, acrylics, enamels and lacquers.

• Perfect for beginners

• Easy to clean

• Use with compressor or propellant


Single action

External mix

Nozzle dia. 0.8mm

Siphon feed

15-50 PSI operating pressure


SP15 Airbrush

Propellant Adaptor

Compressor Adaptor (1/8” BSP)

20cc Bottle (0.67 fl oz)

1.5m Hose (60”)


The Spraycraft range is a collection of great value airbrushes, ready-to-use kits, and accessories for the beginner as well as the enthusiast. From easy-to-use single action broad stroke to dual action detailed airbrushing, Spraycraft offers the right solution.

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