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Revell Tour Truck Rammstein 1:32 Scale

Part No:

Price: 72.98

Approx: 70.55 / US$74.20 Tax Free

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Spectacular pyrotechnics and hard sounds "Made in Germany", that's what Rammstein has made a name for itself for worldwide. No less than 90 trucks are needed to transport the stage for the band's elaborate shows. This tour truck in the typical Rammstein design is representative of the effort put into it and is a must for fans or even a nice souvenir of the Berliners' last live performance. In addition to the kit, basic paints, glue and brushes are included.

One-piece cabin with separate grill
Easy assembly of tractor and trailer
One-piece frame for the trailer
Many chrome parts, including rims and exterior mirrors
Large-scale waterslide pictures and clear building instructions

Scale 1:32
Parts 96
Length 554 mm
Skill Level 5

An easy to build model construction kit of the Kenworth COE (=Cabin over the engine) Aerodyne which is rated as Class 8 - the highest class, in the US Heavy Transport Vehicle classification table

- Single piece body
- Detailed interior with integrated seats and dashboard
- Many chrome parts including wheel rims, radiator grill and exhaust system

Colours Required
Main 31 78 90 99 302 314 378 730 731

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