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Revell KISS Tour Truck 1:32 Scale

Part No:
Price: 69.98

Approx: 68.82 / US$76.40 Tax Free

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With the "KISS Tour Truck" on the road - THAT are gifts for men!
For real Rock'n'Rollers an era is slowly but surely coming to an end. Since 2019 the legendary rock band KISS has been "End of the Road" on their three-year world tour. Their farewell tour! For 45 years the masked and made-up musicians shaped rock music with their spectacular stage appearances. So it's high time to set a monument to KISS - and to bring one of the best gifts for men of all time onto the market with the model kit "KISS Tour Truck"!

If you are looking for gifts for men, this is the right place for you
Rock'n'Roll is the music of the generation Daddy. In her honor, Revell has come up with something very special: With the Truck & Trailer "AC/DC" in limited Au?age, the Spit?re "Aces High" Iron Maiden and the "KISS Tour Truck" three of the biggest rock bands of all time are awarded duly. In the past 45 years, KISS in particular have shaped music like no other band. Hits like "Nothin' to Lose", "Nowhere to run" and of course " I was made for lovin` You" are milestones in rock history. The mixture of guitar-influenced hard rock and hymn-like ballads was the sound that made the later "stadium rock" and "pop metal" of the 1980s possible in the first place. A ticket to one of KISS's spectacular concerts has always been one of the most coveted gifts for men. And not infrequently gri?en even the really tough guys among the fans to the make-up pot to look like their idols. Insider knowledge: Bassist Gene Simmons, the "man with the longest tongue in the world", was born in Israel as a Chaim joke. He speaks not only English, but also ?ießend German, Hebrew and Hungarian.

The Kiss Tour truck for the big boys
Hasn't Daddy remained a boy in his heart? A big one, but still guaranteed to have fun doing handicrafts, gluing, painting - and playing!

The KISS Tour Truck is therefore one of the best gifts for men who want something really spectacular on their shelves. Even beginners will quickly be successful with the 1:32 scale kit. The 55.2 cm long truck model impresses with numerous details and reflects in its magnificent design everything that KISS have expressed with their "End of the Road" tour. This true-to-life tour truck should not be missing in any collection of a real Rock'n'Roller!

Details about the best gift idea ever
The sensational gift set KISS Tour Truck on a scale of 1:32 offers 102 parts for uncomplicated fun in model building. The individual parts are easy to turn out of the frame, adults can also use a sharp knife to loosen. The impressive overall length of 55.2 cm makes the KISS Tour Truck a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the supplied glue, brushes, colours and pictures, assembly is very easy. The difficulty level is 3, so the model kit is also suitable for beginners.

The highlights at a glance:
Simple mounting
Chrome-plated rims and mirrors
water slides with current logos of the "End of the Road" world tour
adhesives, paints and brushes included

Scale 1:32
Parts 102
Length 552 mm
Skill Level 5

An easy to build model construction kit of the Kenworth COE (=Cabin over the engine) Aerodyne which is rated as Class 8 - the highest class, in the US Heavy Transport Vehicle classification table

- Single piece body
- Detailed interior with integrated seats and dashboard
- Many chrome parts including wheel rims, radiator grill and exhaust system

Colours Required
Main 31 78 90 99 302 314 378 730 731

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