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Revell Gift Set - Trabant/3D Puzzle Fall of the Berlin Wall 30th Anniversary 1:24 Scale

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Price: 52.99

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The fall of the Berlin Wall - a piece of contemporary history
Whoever was old enough on 9 November 1989 could hardly believe what was going on on that memorable day. Almost without prior notice the Berlin Wall, which had divided Germany for more than 28 years. And what was one of the first to pass the surprisingly open border unchallenged? Exactly: the legendary Trabant 601!

The Trabant 601: Go Trabi go!
The Trabant 601, the famous "racing cardboard", was the most built car in the GDR. From 1964 to 1990 - even after the fall of the Berlin Wall - the cult two-door car rolled off the assembly line at Sachsenring Automobilwerke in Zwickau. Almost three million "Trabants" were produced, and each one was eagerly awaited. Because anyone who wanted to own a car in the former GDR often had to wait more than ten years from order to delivery. In 1991, director Peter Timm and actor Wolfgang Stumph set a cinematic monument to the Trabant 601. The film "Go Trabi go" is still one of the most successful comedies in Germany today.

The cult car as a model kit
The Trabant 601 kit evokes memories of a piece of German history, of a cult. At a scale of 1:24 (149 mm long), the 138 parts (easy to break out of the frame) impress with numerous details after assembly and painting:

true original body with fine Ober?ächenstrukturen
mobile engine hood
Motor with numerous, detailed parts
separate exhaust system
detail-true interior with instrument panel
removable roof
Front axle steering with which the wheels can be moved
Rims reproduced true to original
mobile boot lid
authentic decals for example for DDR license plates

That's what the Berlin Wall looked like back then
Let the 9th of November 1989 pass in review again. The model kit 30th Anniversary "Fall of the Berlin Wall" contains besides the famous Trabant 601 also an impressive real looking diorama of the Berlin Wall with the Brandenburg Gate in the background in form of a 3D puzzle. You could almost think you were actually standing in front of the Berlin Wall with its crown and the original Graf?ti. Two signs warn against leaving West Berlin and crossing the border. And best of all, the model of the Trabant 601 can be placed in the middle of this absolutely authentic diorama in such a way that it breaks through the Berlin Wall.

Close the Berlin Wall with the Trabant 601!
The model kit 30th Anniversary "Fall of the Berlin Wall" is the perfect gift idea for everyone who loves something special. The 3D puzzle of the wall diorama is easy to assemble, while the model of the Trabant 601 captivates with its numerous details and its fidelity to the original. The set includes detailed instructions, basic colours, glue, brushes and decals for a faithful representation of the Berlin Wall and the Trabant 601.

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