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RO Marin LED/Lamp Strobe Module

Part No:
RO Marin
Price: 25.74 (Including VAT)

Approx: 24.88 / US$29.60 Tax Free

The switching module is suitable for connecting lightbulbs and LEDs. With a power requirement of max. 8A / channel with flash function, 5A with continuous function. (Leg connection of LEDs use matching resistor!)
The flash speed can be adjusted with a proportional channel and switched on or off. For this purpose, the module must be plugged into the corresponding slot in the receiver. The switching voltage is connected to the red BEC connector. Consumers are connected to the plug connector and are powered by the external voltage.

Usage Note
This product is intended for installation in RC models only with a maximum operating voltage of DC 9V.

Technical Data
Operating voltage 4,8-9 V
Input switching voltage max. 30 V
Switching current max. 8 A
Switching function 1
Dimensions app. 12x40 mm
Weight app 3,5 g

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