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Overlander 2900MAH 11.1V 3S 35C Supersport Pro Lipo Battery (XT60)

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Price: 29.99 incl. VAT
Approx: 32.99 / US$32.24
Temporarily unavailable.

The 2900mAh 11.1V 3S 35C LiPo battery is part of Overlander's Supersport Pro range. This is our most comprehensive collection ever and is no doubt our most popular range of lithium batteries. It is perfectly designed to cater for almost every application and user alike. With a constant discharge rating of 35C, hitting a peak of 65C in bursts, it is no wonder that these batteries are loved so much! The huge selection of capacities and voltages makes it almost impossible not to find the perfect battery for you within this range. Offering low weight and compact sizing, our Supersport Pro LiPo battery range is a must

Capacity 2900mAh
Voltage 11.1V (3S)
Constant Discharge 35C
Burst Discharge 65C
Dimensions 103 x 33 x 25mm
Weight 183g

Due to transport restictions imposed on Lithium batteries, these items can not be sent abroad, and can only be shipped within mainland UK using our courier service

All of Overlander's LiPo batteries are designed with optimal performance in mind. We always work to maintain the longevity and reliability of our products. Our LiPo batteries are manufactured using the superior stacking method; this provides dependable capacity and consistent power. Every cell is fully matched in Internal Resistance, Voltage and Weight before they are put together to create your battery packs. This stringent matching process makes for exceptional results both competitively and professionally.

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