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Nordic Class Boats Svea Fishing Boat Boat R/C Convertible 1:15

Part No:
Nordic Class Boats
Price: 219.00

Approx: 211.70 / US$222.65 Tax Free

Svea Fiskebaten " Nordic Fishing Boat " 110cm
This is the large version of the fishing trawler Svea. This kit is made to be used on the water with it’s big size of over 100 cm when finished. Anyone who likes large model kits will appreciate this kit. Apart from the size the other difference between the small Svea and this kit is that the steering cabin is more detailed on Big Svea. All R/C parts have to be bought separately but the kit is prepared for it.

L: 110 cm
1:15 Scale
3D printed detailed resin accessories / 3D printed-out high-detail resin accessories

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