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Nordic Class Boats Solo Ruff Daycruiser 1:10

Part No:
Nordic Class Boats
Price: 151.00

Approx: 145.96 / US$153.51 Tax Free

Nordic Class Boats Solo Ruff Daycruiser 1:10

The motorboat Solö Ruff is a classic day cruiser as it was built by the Swedish company Royal Storebro in the 50s and 60s. The boat was very popular at the time and was therefore built in several variants until 1965. It was sold mainly in Europe, but also in North and South America.

This type of ship is still very popular today and is therefore sought after on the classic boat market.

The kit comes complete with laser-cut wooden parts, the hardware kit and the drawings required to build the model. The clinker cladding is already prepared with precisely fitting laser planks. The model can be expanded to an RC model by experienced users with relatively minor modifications, but this is not yet fully planned. Please see plans on documents page

Technical specifications:
1:10 scale
Length 720 mm
Height 220 mm
Width 200 mm

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