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Mtroniks Zero Glitch Module

Part No:
Price: 10.99

Approx: 10.72 / US$10.81 Tax Free

ZGM - Zero Glitch Module is an opto isolator for use in any electric RC model.

It is designed to cut all electrical connection between the speed control and the receiver whilst still maintaining a strong connection. This removes any interference caused by the connection between the speed control and receiver and has been known to improve the strength of the connection and also increase the range of your model.

LEDs are used to show correct connection.

The ZGM is also 100% waterproof so can be mounted anywhere in the model.

Using opto-isolators requires the use of a receiver battery pack.

Technical Specification
Product Type Digital
Set up No set up required
Battery Type NiCAD/NiMH/Lead Acid/LiPo
Waterproof Yes
Dimensions L29.0mm x W25.0mm x H5.0mm
Weight 7.0g

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