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Mtroniks Micro Switcher

Part No:
Price: 19.99

Approx: 19.66 / US$21.82 Tax Free

The microSwitcher allows two accessories to be controlled in a momentary or latching action from one radio channel. This allows you to control either two auxilliaries from a sound module or even two stand alone items like LED lighting from one radio channel on your transmitter.

The microSwitcher unit is incredibly small and lightweight, weighing only 8g and measuring 25.0mm x 15.0mm x 6.0mm! It is also 100% waterproof which means it will still work when completely submerged! Set up is very easy with a single push button and LEDs. Full colour instructions are also included.

The microSwitcher will control an accessory in two ways, either momentary or latching.

Momentary: This allows the accesory to be ON whilst the radio channel is moved away and held away from neutral. This is suitable for small horns or flash lights

Latching: This allows the accessory each time it is moved away from neutral to change state, ON...OFF...ON...etc. This is suitable for lights or engine on/off sounds from a sound module auxilliary

Technical Specification
Product Type Digital
Set up Digital 1-touch
Battery Type NiCAD/NiMH/Lead Acid/LiPo
Waterproof Yes
Dimensions L25.0mm x W15.0mm x H6.0mm
Weight 7.0g

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