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Panart Bruma Open Cruiser Yacht 1:43

Part No:
Mantua Model
Price: 214.00

Approx: 210.43 / US$233.61 Tax Free

Mantua Models Bruma Cruiser Yacht.
The Mantua (Panart) Bruma is a scale reproduction of an ocean going fishing boat, converted into a pleasure yacht. This is a plank on frame construction suitable either for radio control or as a fine display model.

The Mantua kit features the following: All frames, keel and superstructure are laser cut for accuracy, metal accessories, brass, walnut and boxwood fittings, two shafts and propellers. The model is currently being supplied with two different types of hull planking, lime and optional balsa.
The motor kit is available as a separate item (part No. 600).

Scale 1:45
Length 860mm

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