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Krick Windforce 1406MG Digital Sailwinch

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Price: 80.09 incl. VAT
Approx: 88.10 / US$86.09
Temporarily unavailable.

Krick Windforce 1406MG Digital Sailwinch
Sailwinch in the standard servo size yachts. A special feature of the Wind Force sail winches series is encapsulated winch drum. Thus, the sheet is guided and can not from the drum is jumping. When digtalen sailwinch Windforce 1406, the maximum Schotweg be adjusted. Depending on the application from 1 to 6 turns the winch drum can be programmed. As a result view a potential route of about 7.5 - 45 cm. This sailwinch characterized by high holding forces and quick reaction times, enabling a precise sailing even with strong wind.

Technical data
Length approx. 40.5 mm
Approx. 20mm wide
Height approx. 38mm
Power 142 N/CM at 6 V
Speed 0, 72s / 360 ° at 6 V
Operating voltage 4.8 V to 6 V
Number of revolutions approx. 1-6
Cable JR/universal
Weight 55g
Metal Gears

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