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Krick Windforce 1004MG Sailwinch

Part No:

Price: 30.46 incl. VAT
Approx: 33.50 / US$32.74

Krick Windforce 1004MG Sailwinch
Sail winch in the standard servo size for sailing yachts. A special feature of the Windforce sailing winch series is the encapsulated winch drum, which will reduce the incidences of the sheet falling off the drum in light airs. The drum rotates between 4 and 4.5 revolutions at full stick movement.

Technical data
Length approx. 40.5 mm
Approx. 20mm wide
Height approx. 38mm
Power 105 N/CM at 6 V
Speed 0, 9s / 360 ° at 6 V
Operating voltage 4.8 V to 6 V
Number of revolutions approx. 4-4.5
Cable JR/universal
Weight 55 g
Metal Gears

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