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Krick Max Gear 540 Type Motor 2.5:1

Part No:

Price: 40.80 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 45.29(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$42.84(Tax Free)

Krick Max Gear 540 typemotor 2.5:1
MAX GEAR is a smooth running and low power consumption. Universal use for many applications. As marine propulsion or a slow-rotating motor for special functions - MAX GEAR motors are the solution. The gearbox is of metal construction with metal gears

Technical data
Gear 2.5: 1
Weight 270 g
Dimensions 87mm x 37mm dia excluding the mount
Output shaft 6mm plain
Voltage range 4.8-14.4 V
Current consumption at 12 V no load for approx. 0.5 A
Torque 30 N/CM at 12v

Output speed at 4.8v 2400 rpm
Output speed at 7.2v 3640 rpm
Output speed at 9.6v 4960 rpm
Output speed at 12.0v 6320 rpm

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