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Graupner DES718BB MG Servo

Part No:

Price: 36.00 incl. VAT
Approx: 39.60 / US$38.70

Especially well suited for motorized and glider models, as well as boot models, in applications for which an extremely high setting path is needed.
180° setting path even at +/-100% channel control
2 x ball bearings
Metal gearbox

DES Servo (Digital Eco Servo) 180° A new series of products from the digital servo segment. The DES servos represent a product line which includes a suitable servo for virtually every type of application, covering a vast range of specifications: different case sizes, gear types, torque levels and transit speeds, designed for any modeller from beginner
to competition pilot. The range includes some fully sealed versions (case screws, case sections, and output gear) for increased operational reliability of your models.
Servos with precision-made twin-ballraced precision gears made of aluminium and other metals guarantee superbly accurate positional performance.
High-quality Amtel micro-controllers are used to process the control signals and provide good servo positioning accuracy.

Torque at 4.8 V, approx. [Ncm]: 88 Ncm
Width [mm]: 19,5 mm
Transit speed at 4.8 V, approx. [Sek / 40°] : 0,11 Sek/40°
Holding torque 6.0V, approx. [Ncm]: 215 Ncm
Charging rate at 4.8 V approx. [mA]: 1630 mA
Height [mm]: 39 mm
Transit speed at 6.0 V, approx. [Sek / 40°] : 0,09 Sek/40°
Weight [g]: 54 g
Angular travel incl. trim, approx. : 2 x 92 °
No-load current drain, approx. [mA] : 8 mA
Torque at 6.0 V, approx. [Ncm]: 105 Ncm
Overall length [mm]: 40 mm
Charging rate at 6.0V approx. [mA]: 1845 mA
Dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 40 x 19,5 x 39 mm
Holding torque 4.8V, approx. [Ncm]: 186 Ncm
Bearings: 2 Ball-Bearing
Replacement gearbox: 7946.2
Gear unit: Metal
Operating voltage neutral [V] : 4,8 ... 6,0 V
Neutral impulse: 1,5 ms
Max. operating frequency [ms / Hz]: 3,0 / 333 ms / Hz
Brushless: No
High-Voltage: No
Servo type: digital
Servo series: DES Servo

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