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Excel Deluxe Wooden Ship Modelers Tool Set

Part No:
Excel Tools
Price: 72.20

Approx: 70.40 / US$72.81 Tax Free

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Contains 12+ Excel tools including knives, saw, files, mitre box and more
Perfect gift idea for hobbyists, artists, designers, or those with interest in arts and crafts applications
Knives include a 4 jaw aluminium chuck for a more secure blade positioning
Made in the USA.

Product Description
Set comes in a moulded plastic case and includes one K1 Light Duty Knife, one K2 Medium Duty Knife, one K5 Heavy Duty Plastic Knife, one K10 Plastic Knife, one Needle Nose Pliers with Side Cutter, one Needle Point Awl, one Sharp Pointed Tweezers, one Mitre Box, one Razor Saw, one Sanding Block, Excel's Assorted Gouges, sixteen Assorted Blades, three Assorted Drills.

Deluxe Knife Tool Set
10 assorted blades, plus No26 and No 15 blades
1 flat bladed watch makers screwdriver
1 Mitre box and razor saw blade plus sanding block and wedge
1 philips watch makers screwdriver
1 retractable blade knife and bradle with protective cover
6 assorted gouge tools for different shapes
Deluxe knife and tool set in wooden storage box
No1, 2 and 5 knives with protective covers

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