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Victory Models HMS Vanguard 1787 74 Gun Ship 1:72 Scale

Part No:
Victory Models
Price: 684.00

Approx: 666.90 / US$689.70 Tax Free

Victory Models HMS Vanguard
Amati and Euromodels are proud to present the fourth kit in the Victory Models range, HMS Vanguard (or HMS Bellerophon or HMS Elephant!!). This 74 gun Ship Of The Line was Nelson’s Flagship at the famous Battle Of The Nile on 1st/2nd August 1798. Nelson's Vanguard was designed by Slade (of Victory fame) and was one of fourteen 3rd rate 74 gun ships which formed the Arrogant class. The ship was ordered on 9th December 1779 and the keel laid down at Deptford on 16th October 1782. During this time, Britain was not at war so her build went ahead very slowly, being launched on 6th March 1787.

This superbly detailed kit from Victory Models has been designed and researched using the latest information and technologies available, making the kit very easy to build with no sacrifice to even the finest detail. As with all Victory Model designs, the kit features many innovations, like the pre-cut gun port patterns (eliminating the need to laboriously mark out and hand cut each port), proper 3D panelling detail, ultra-realistic chain plates, a fully detailed upper gun deck, photo-etched window frames which can be glazed, easy to follow step by step instructions and drawings and even an optional sail set complete with very detailed drawings.

The materials included in the kit are only the very best available - highest quality grade birch plywood, walnut plywood and walnut sheet. Photo etched brass sheets which include the minutest detail - this kit is truly the new benchmark for period model kits for price, quality, ease of construction and presentation. Accept no imitations!

As a huge bonus there will be three options in the box. You can make HMS Vanguard or HMS Bellerophon or HMS Elephant! That's right!! Option 1 being HMS Vanguard, option 2 being HMS Bellerophon and option 3 being HMS Elephant, and for each option there will be included in the box: specific casting parts; figureheads; armament; etc.!!

Scale 1:72
Length: 1171mm
Height: 895mm
Width: 486mm
Planking: Double

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