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Trumpeter Chinese Type 33 Submarine 1990 1:144 Scale

Part No:
Price: 21.98

Approx: 21.62 / US$24.00 Tax Free

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The Feb.4 Agreement was signed between China and the Soviet Union on February 4, 1959. According to this agreement, the Soviet Union agreed to provide China with 5types of naval vessels, which included Model 33 Submarines. In 1960 the Feb.4 Agreement was terminated because of the sudden changes of the Sino-Soviet Union relations. However, without any more outside help and by the joint efforts of design departments, China’s Jiangnan Shipyard finally installed and delivered the Model 33 Submarine to the PLA in September 1965. Model 33 Submarine is a medium size torpedo attack type submarine using a conventional power (diesel power of electric ). With a streamlined ship body is, it is 76.6 M long, 6.7 M wide. The underwater displacement capacity is 1600tons and there are 15 sections of velocity. Its maximum diving depth is 300 M. Carrying 14 torpedoes and 28 sea mines, its main weapons are six 533 mm torpedo tubes at the head of the vessel and two torpedo tubes at back.

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