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Trumpeter USS Essex Aircraft Carrier CV-9 1943 1:350 Scale

Part No:
Price: 99.98

Approx: 98.32 / US$109.15 Tax Free

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USS ESSEX CV-9 Length overall: 265.8m Beam max: 44.9m Displacement standard: 27100t Full load: 36380t
During World War II the United States built three types of aircraft carriers, the Essex class heavy carriers, the Independence class light carriers, and “escort” carriers. The 24 ships of the Essex class were not remarkable for any great design innovation, but essentially for being in right place at right time, and for doing well the task history gave them. The Essex class carriers served in numbers too large, and too late in the war to gain the fame of the prewar carriers whose names they frequently bore, but they served longer than any other class, and through wars never dreamed of by their builders. Those that survive as museum ship today are a fitting tribute to the class that ruled the Pacific fifty years ago.

Scale 1:350
Model Brief Length: 775 mm Width: 125mm
Total Plastic Parts 610pcs
Box Size 82×25x8cm
Total Sprues 21pcs +Upper hull + Lower hull + Waterline plate +Hangar decks + Flight decks + Display stand
Decal Marking Raids on Marcus Island on 31 August 1943

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