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Soldercraft 80w 230v Electric Soldering Iron

Part No:

Price: 19.94 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 22.54(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$21.77(Tax Free)

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Soldercraft 80w - 230v Soldercraft Soldering Iron
• Rugged, economical and versatile
• 80w, 230v Electric Soldering Iron
• Feature a sturdy heater unit design
• Fitted with 7mm chisel tip #8
• Each iron is supplied with a simple stand and operating manual

Soldercraft 80w - 230v Soldercraft Soldering Iron
This 80w quality soldering iron is very powerful, perfect for larger jobs such as cable-battery connections and metal joining tasks. It has a premium 7.0mm chisel shaped bit fitted.

Soldercraft Irons
The Soldercraft mains irons are intended for direct connection to the mains voltage (220-240v)and feature a sturdy heater unit. Each iron is fitted with a high performance bit-ready to use. Whether you are looking for a soldering iron or tools, the Soldercraft range will have the perfect tool for you. Ideal for your craft, hobby use, jewellery, dental repairs & electronics.

Soldering is an easy and inexpensive method of joining light articles made from steel, copper or brass and securing wires made from these materials. Whether you are looking for a traditional electric soldering iron, a battery operated unit, or even a gas powered cordless iron – you will find a suitable tool for the job in the Solder Craft range. Also featured, a selection of excellent Pyrography tools ideal for making and decorating wood and leathers.

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