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The New Period Ship Handbook

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Special Interests
Price: 19.95

Approx: 23.34 / US$24.14 Tax Free

In this revised edition of the Period Ship Handbook, the best of the original has been retained: a well-illustrated guide to the construction of static model sailing ships and the offer to the beginner of all the information needed to get started in this fascinating hobby. It also continues to introduce the more experienced model-maker to alternative techniques, well tried over many years of model shipbuilding. Significant additions have been made to the original text as a result of a further twelve years of model-making experience and developments within the kit producing trade and the availability of new subjects. Following chapters on kit selection, tools and material, the emphasis of the book moves to the practical application of the model-making procedures involved in producing high quality models. The new models selected to demonstrate these techniques range form the relatively simple to the very complex but all are constructed from kits currently available, without the facility of a sophisticated workshop.

Featuring nine brand new model projects: - HMS Victory - Victory's Launch - The Lady Nelson - HMS Mars - Yacht Endeavour - HMS Agamemnon - HMS Cruiser - Barque Endeavour - Clara May

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