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Occre Portable Work Bench

Part No:

Price: 54.98

Approx: 53.61 / US$55.44 Tax Free

Our “Portable Workshop Cabinet” is an essential element for any modeller in the process of assembling and fitting out a model.

It allows you to keep all of your tools along with the model in a reduced and orderly space. In our “Portable Workshop Cabinet” kit, you will find all of the wooden parts precut and ready for you to assemble your very own workshop. The kit also includes compartmentalised plastic drawers in which to organise and keep the parts of the model. The kit does not include either tools or paints.

Suitable for all types of modelling:
Railway modelling, naval modelling, tram modelling or plane modelling.
The measures of this "Portable Workshop" are: 572 mm long x 230 mm wide x 445 mm high

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