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Occre Santisima Trinidad Cross Section 1:90 Scale Model Ship Kit

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Price: 125.00

Approx: 122.92 / US$136.46 Tax Free

Occre Santisima Trinidad Cross Section
A cross section of the mainmast of the powerful ship Santísima Trinidad.

Scale: 1:90
Length: 90mm
Height: 876mm
Width: 415mm

Now, you can get a close-up view of the interior workings of the Santisima Trinidad, Spain’s largest battleship at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar. In many ways more interesting than the full hulled model, the cross section takes less time to build and less space to display.

Wooden parts are laser cut. Hull planking is done in light beechwood and African walnut. Decks are also covered with individual planking strips. The fittings includes wooden grating, blocks and deadyes, carved wooden barrels, brass eyebolts, belaying pins, nails and chain, metal hoops, cleats and gun-ports. Scale ballast, Fourteen brass cannon on burnished metal carriages replicate original armament. Four diameters of rigging line, pre-sewn and ready-to-mount sails, silk-screened flags, wooden display base and pedestals. Full sized plans feature 2-colour rig plan. A booklet of over 100 color photos accompanies clearly written assembly instructions.

Built in Havana in 1769, Santisima Trinidad carried 120 guns on three decks. Badly damaged in the battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1799, she was rebuilt with the addition of a fourth deck and the number of cannon increased to 136, making her the largest ship of her time. In 1805, she sailed into the Battle of Trafalgar with a crew of 1,048 men and her immense 4-decked sides showing the barrels of her formidable guns. The British disabled and captured her during the battle. She sank in a storm the following day, ending her 35-year service to the Spanish Navy.

Scale: 1:90
Length: 90mm
Height: 876mm
Width: 415mm

OcCre is quality modelling.
At OcCre we design each of our models with the same illusion that you have when assembling and making up the model. We take care of every last detail, so that our kit models can offer a design that is true to life. We manufacture using quality materials and ensure that every cut is made with precision. This makes the results of the assembly perfect. We use a range of different materials to make sure our models are more realistic. We guarantee that our model kits you will enjoy your enthusiasm for naval modelling, railway modelling, the modelling of trams and the modelling of vintage vehicles.

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