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Occre Palamos Fishing Boat 1:45 Scale Model Boat Kit

Part No:

Price: 75.95 incl. VAT
Approx: 83.54 / US$81.64

Occre Palamos
The Palamós is a boat engaged in inshore fishing, with a multipurpose hull with characteristics that adapt perfectly to the outline and conditions of the Mediterranean coast. It is a type of vessel common to the coasts of Spain. A traditional, hand-built vessel, of the kind regularly turned out by any one of the many boatyards that line the Spanish coast.

Scale: 1:45
Length: 410mm
Height: 275mm
Width: 120mm

Paints Required

V70951 White
V70950 Black
V70926 Red
V70969 Park Green
V70970 Deep Green
V70801 Brass
V70919 Cold White

OC19209 Satin Varnish
OC19210 Sapelli Stain
OC19211 Walnut Stain
OC19213 Oak Stain

OcCre is quality modelling.
At OcCre we design each of our models with the same illusion that you have when assembling and making up the model. We take care of every last detail, so that our kit models can offer a design that is true to life. We manufacture using quality materials and ensure that every cut is made with precision. This makes the results of the assembly perfect. We use a range of different materials to make sure our models are more realistic. We guarantee that our model kits you will enjoy your enthusiasm for naval modelling, railway modelling, the modelling of trams and the modelling of vintage vehicles.

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