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New Maquettes V.S.C. Coastal Patrol Boat

Part No:
New Maquettes
Price: 217.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 211.57 / US$247.74 Tax Free

New Maquettes V.S.C
Coastal patrol boat, launched in 1957. Working model supplied complete with all fittings, propeller shaft & propeller.
English Instructions with photos are included in the kit kindly supplied by Nick Clarke of Wallasey MBC.

Plank on frame construction with pre-cut wooden parts, fittings set, detailed plans included

Scale 1:40.
Length 790mm
Width 150mm.

Please Note: We can only recommend these kits for the experienced builder as the instructions are in French. An experienced builder should have no problems as the plans are fairly comprehensive and have individual items broken down into diagrams.

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