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Guns Of History Napoleon Cannon 12-lbr 1:16 Scale

Part No:
Guns of History
Price: 71.00 (Including VAT)

Approx: 68.05 / US$82.25 Tax Free

Guns Of History Napoleon Cannon 12-lbr 1:16 Scale

Developed in France for Emperor Napoleon III in the 1850s, the bronze smoothbore 12-pounder became the most popular gun of the American Civil War. The Napoleon was light enough to be easily maneuverable and heavy enough to destroy field fortifications almost a mile away.

Firing solid shot, spherical case and canister, the Napoleon Cannon was also extremely versatile. By mid-1863 nearly 40% of all field artillery pieces of each army were Napoleons. The Union had over 1,000 Napoleon Cannons in its arsenal and the Confederacy over 600.

• Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
• Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
• Authentically detailed cannon barrel
• Realistic spoked wooden wheels
• Clearly written illustrated instructions
• Easy to build - assembly and painting time 5-10 hours

Length 8-1/4"
Width 4"
Height 3-1/2"
Weight 1 lb.
Scale 1:16

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