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Model Trailways Western Mountain Buckboard Wagon 1:12 Scale

Part No:
Model Trailways
Price: 129.00

Approx: 125.78 / US$130.08 Tax Free

MODEL TRAILWAYS Western Mountain Buckboard

The Western Mountain Buckboard is a distinctly American vehicle born on the homesteads of the mountainous regions of the North-Eastern US. It moved West with the pioneers into newly settled lands.

The original versions were nothing more than a seat bolted to a long spring board attached to two axles. Because it had no metal springs, its suspension came from the springy “buckboards” that made up the floor and body. Eventually it evolved into a versatile and useful work vehicle. Over time, more refinements were added for pleasure and enjoyment.

With the addition of the front spring and the rear Shuler spring, Model Trailways’ model is an example of that evolution. The rear Shuler spring combines the features of the helical coil and torsion spring. This three-point suspension gave the vehicle much flexibility and enabled it to withstand the rigors of rough, mountainous terrain.

At a large 1:12 scale (1" = 1 ft.), our model is historically accurate and relatively easy to build. Kit features laser-cut basswood sheets and basswood strips. Expertly cast Britannia metal parts include sprigs, axles, front & rear foot steps, luggage rail, seat rail, apron hand rail, cross and axle braces, couplings, fifth wheel, mounting brackets, whip holder and many other details. A sheet of photo-etched brass parts provides additional life-like detail. Detailed plan drawings and 32-page illustrated instruction manual assure trouble-free assembly.

Length 9-3/4”
Width 5-1/4”
Height (without whip) 5-1/4”
Scale 1:12 (1” = 1 ft.)
Difficulty level: intermediate

Kit design, plans, instructions & prototype model by Ken Foran.

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