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Guns of History Whitworth Cannon 12 pounder 1:16 Scale

Part No:
Guns of History
Price: 64.00

Approx: 61.86 / US$65.06 Tax Free

Guns Of History Whitworth Cannon 12-lbr 1:16 Scale MS4001
Designed by Sir Joseph Whitworth, the cannon that bore his name became a favored weapon of the Confederacy. Unusual in appearance as well as operation, the Whitworth was a breech-loader that fired an elongated 12-pound iron shell from a finely rifled 1,100 pound barrel. Accurate and easy to maneuver, it had a range of 4.5 miles and made a shrill, whistling noise which could be distinguished from all other cannon of the period. The Whitworth saw action at Gettysburg, Charleston, Vicksburg, Fredericksburg and many other American Civil War battlefields.

· Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
· Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
· Authentically detailed cannon barrel
· Realistic spoked wooden wheels
· Clearly written illustrated instructions
· Easy to build – assembly & painting time 5-10 hours

· Length 10"/ Width 4”
· Height 3-1/4”
· Scale 1:16
· Weight 1 lb. 4 oz.

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