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Model Shipways Pride of Baltimore II 1:64

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Model Shipways
Price: 215.00

Approx: 209.63 / US$216.80 Tax Free

Model Shipways Pride of Baltimore II 1:64 Scale MS2120
Virginia-built schooners first appeared during the American Revolution. Known as Baltimore Clippers, they helped establish the Port of Baltimore as a major shipbuilding center. Many were used as privateers during the War of 1812. Sleek, light, and exceptionally fast, they could overtake and seize the enemy with ease, destroying British shipping and earning huge profits for their owners.

In 1974, Baltimore city officials decided to build a replica of a 19th century clipper to serve as good-will ambassador for the city. The ship, named Pride of Baltimore, was launched at Baltimore's Inner Harbor on February 27, 1977. She was lost in micro-squall (an intense blast of wind building to hurricane velocity within seconds) on May 14, 1986. The city then commissioned a larger sister-ship, and the Pride of Baltimore II was launched on April 30, 1989.

Designed by naval architect Ben Lankford from original plans, our Model Shipways Pride of Baltimore kit is an accurate representation. Ease of assembly and quality of components are two of the important attributes of the model. Structural parts, such as keel and bulkheads, are fine basswood, the choice of professional model builders. All wooden parts, from keel to sternpost, are laser cut for a perfect fit. Many of the Britannia metal castings have been designed specifically for this model, and include windlass life rings, vents, propellers, anchors, wheel, bilge pumps, and swivel guns. Ship's bell, portlights, eyebolts and cannon barrels are brass.

150 wooden blocks and deadeyes, and four sizes of cotton line duplicate the rig plans and 48 page illustrated instruction manual guarantee smooth sailing. You'll display your finished Pride of Baltimore model on wooden launching ways, also included with the kit. (Display base is not included.)

Plank on Frame Construction
Length: 813mm
Height: 572mm
Scale 1:64
Intermediate Level

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