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Guns of History Mountain Howitzer 12 Pounder 1:16

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Guns of History
Price: 55.00

Approx: 53.16 / US$55.91 Tax Free

Guns Of History Mountain Howitzer 12 Pounder 1:16
The mountain howitzer was a short-barreled, large-caliber gun. Because it looked like a shortened, downsized cannon, it became known and the “bull pup” during the Civil War. Although its 4.62” bore could handle the same 12-pounder ammunition as a regular 12-pounder gun, a mountain howitzer weighed less than the barrel alone of a larger 12-pounder field gun. It could be quickly disassembled and carried by three pack mules through forests, across swampy ground, or over rough mountain terrain.

The mountain howitzer was not classified as field artillery because of its light weight and short range, but it was well suited for fast-moving cavalry raiders. The ease by which it could be positioned for action by a few foot soldiers made it ideal for close-in fire support during infantry engagements.

Fitting the howitzer to a scaled down field (prairie) carriage improved the gun's stability without sacrificing much of its maneuverability. After the Civil War, CSA General Basil Duke said, "No gun is so well suited in all respects to the wants of cavalry, as these little guns."

Precisely cast white metal parts include left and right trail, cannon barrel and ready-to-mount wheels. Rammer head, bucket, rope, chain plus other detail and accessory pieces ensure a historically accurate model. Illustrated assembly instructions make for easy building.

Length 5”
Width 3-1/2”
Height 3”
Scale 1:16

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