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Model Shipways 21 Foot English Pinnace 1750-1760 1:24

Part No:
Model Shipways
Price: 52.00

Approx: 50.70 / US$52.43 Tax Free

Model Shipways 21 Foot English Pinnace 1750-1760 1:24 Scale Kit MS1458
The pinnace was a lightly built, carvel planked boat. Designed to be rowed it had fewer than ten oars. Its only duty was transporting the captain and other officers from their anchored ship to the dockyards. Carrying crew and provisions was the job of heavier boats like the longboat or launch.

Designed by master ship modeler Chuck Passaro, our model replicates a 21-foot English pinnace inspired by similar contemporary models in National Maritime Museum of England. Plank-on-frame construction uses the finest laser cut basswood for the false keel & ribs. Planking strips, and other wooden components are provided for the floorboards, cap rail and thwarts.

Other materials include cast metal anchor and stern transom, eyebolts, plus scale rigging. Pre-printed side friezes and rudder decorations are included as well

Plank on Frame Construction
Length: 299mm
Height: 63mm
Scale 1:24

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