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Making Model Boats with Styrene

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Marine Modelling International

Price: 12.95
Euros: 14.63 / US Dollars: US$16.96
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After 25 years of making and sailing radio controlled model boats, Richard Webb brings you his designs for model boats made with styrene in this essential book for marine modelling enthusiasts.

Richard Webb has enjoyed making and sailing radio controlled model boats for over 25 years. The models he has designed and built have, increased in size and complexly and using his wide experience he has achieved several national awards. When his grandchildren asked for a boat of their own he then went on to design some simple models using flat styrene sheet.

The idea of forming a boat hull from flat sheet was adapted from building a full sized plywood MIRROR sailing dinghy. In this book Richard explores the challenge of using flat styrene sheet to develop more intricate models and using his own techniques that have been developed over the years, as well as those by other modellers, he has developed a number of designs.

Sections include cutting, bending, gluing and painting styrene materials, Making fittings, radio installation, kit construction and Vac forming.

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