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Titanic Kit No.2 (Motor and R/C installation Kit) 726

Part No:
Mantua Model

Price: 110.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euro: 122.10(Inc VAT) US$114.86(Tax Free)

Titanic Kit No.2 Contains two Mabuchi 540 Motors with belt drive pulleys and transmission, the motor mounts, all the wooden servo mounting plates, linkages and small parts.

Titanic Kit No.2 726. This second part contains two mabuchi motors with pulleys and transmission, the motor mounts and all the wooden plates are rubber backed to absorb vibration. Complete with all the linkages. To complete the control of this model you will need the radio equipment, power pack and speed controller. Ballast also needs to be added to finish this stage. Detailed and comprehensive build manual included.

RMS TITANIC 1:200 kit no.2 Instruction Manual

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