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Mantua Nina. Caravel of Columbus 1:50

Part No:
Mantua Model

Price: 95.00 (Including VAT at 20%)
Euros: 107.35(Inc VAT) / US Dollars: US$103.71(Tax Free)

This little ship formed part of the fleet commanded by Christopher Columbus for his voyage of discovery in 1492. She was originally named "Santa Clara" but was nicknamed and became widely known as "Nina".
The kit comes as standard with sailcloth though an additional prebound and stitched set is available as an option.

Plank on frame hull construction
Scale 1:50
Length 400mm

Nina was a classic caravel with pure latten rigging, with hanging sails in the middle point of the lateen yard and with shrouds hooked to ship’s broadside. It had no forecastle and it had a small quarter-deck. Christopher Columbus, S. Mary’s captain in the first historical expedition. Took the next Atlantic passage with Nina, which had a particularly strong construction, but with reduced length (a little shorter than 20 meters) at the mercy of the waves.

The Mantua kit features the following: A plank on frame hull construction, building plans with general details, English instructions, lost wax brass castings walnut or lime planking, wooden masts and spars, brass and walnut fittings, etched brass details, rigging cord, sailcloth and silk flag. All sheet ply sections are laser cut for accuracy.

Scale 1:50
Overall length: 410mm
Overall width: 110mm
Height: 425mm
Length of hull: 355mm
Width of hull: 110mm

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