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Mantua Wood Working Lathe

Part No:
Mantua Model
Price: 94.00

Approx: 91.65 / US$94.78 Tax Free

The wood working lathe comes complete with a 3 jaw chuck, the jaws being reversable and a through hole allowing up to 10mm for long mast & spars. Adjustable head stock with fully floating centre along with brass bushings to centralize dowels from 2-12mm., which can also be used as a centre guide for drilling small dia. holes in the ends of spars etc.
The Lathe is DC and can be used with our transformer giving various speeds 9v-12v-15v-18v although we find it best with 9 or 12v.

Swing = 35mm
Between centre = 200mm
Requires Mains Transformer 8502.

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