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Alert. American Privateer 1818 1:45

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Price: 154.09 (Including VAT at 20%)
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Mamoli Alert
In 1818 the Alert was placed into privateer service as well as action against smugglers along the American coast. The sleek hull lines and sails were designed for speed and agility on the high seas while its powerful swivel carronade gave the ship the ability to target its foes without maneuvering

Plank on frame hull construction (double planked)
Scale 1:45
Length 428mm

Commissioned in 1818, the schooner Alert was pressed into privateer service along the American coast. Her sleek hull lines and large sail area made for great speed and agility on the high seas. Equipped with a main cannon that rotated 360 degrees, she was able to target the enemy advancing from any direction without changing course. She was decommissioned (possibly sold) in 1829 and taken off the U.S. Coast Guard's list of active ships.

The Mamoli Alert kit features the following:
A Double planked hull construction using Lime and Walnut strips, pre cut frames and keel, deck planked in tanganyika, fittings made from brass, walnut, boxwood, and beech, wooden masts and spars, brass cannon barrels, rigging cord, cotton sailcloth and silk flags. Full size plan sheets and a multi language instruction manual.

Scale 1:45
Length 428mm
Height 931mm

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