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Guns of History Civil War Limber Ammunition Chest 1:16 Scale

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Guns of History
Price: 54.00

Approx: 52.20 / US$54.90 Tax Free

Guns Of History Civil War Limber 1:16 Scale MS4002
The limber was an indispensable piece of equipment during the American Civil War. It was a simple two-wheeled cart designed to carry an ammunition chest containing gunpowder and shot for the artillery pieces. A team of horses was hitched to the limber and a cannon was hooked on to its rear when the army was on the move.

The ammunition chest lid was large enough to seat up to three men. However, sitting above the gunpowder was dangerous, so after the first few months of the War, only the driver rode on the limber. In times of battle, the limber and horses were left behind the lines of fire.

Historically accurate and perfectly scaled
• Cleanly cast Britannia metal components
• Authentically detailed ammunition chest
• Realistic spoked wooden wheels
• Clearly written illustrated instructions
• Easy to build - assembly and painting time 5-10 hours

Entry Level

Length 10" / Width 4" / Height 3-1/4" / Weight 1 lb. / Scale 1:16

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