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Krick U-Boat Type VII b (Inc Running Gear Pack)

Part No:

Price: 399.00

Approx: 389.03 / US$402.33 Tax Free

Krick U-Boat
The U-Boat Type VII is probably the most well known submarine ever built. Over 1000 were built and used world wide and in its time it set many standards and became very successful. Its elegant and sleek lines make this an attractive model for either static display or a working model.

A ballast tank is used to partially submerge the model then the model is dived by using the dive planes and forward speed. With this technique very true to scale diving maneuvers are possible.

The Krick Type 7 U-Boat is a highly detailed kit complete with:
ABS plastic hull halves, deck moulding, conning tower and internal structures.
Detailed surface deck moulding.
Two Cast white metal gun kits.
Ballast tank pump.
Twin drive motors, couplings, shafts and props.
All R/C linkages and connectors.
Full size plan, parts list and English building instructions
Ideal as an introduction to the world of submarine building.

Requires 40mhz channel Radio, 2 Speed controllers,servos, batteries and charger.

Scale: 1:60
Length: 1120mm
Beam: 125mm

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