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Krick Sirius Shrimp Cutter

Part No:

Price: 495.00

Approx: 478.50 / US$503.25 Tax Free

Krick Sirius
Sirius is the classic in our range of ship models and has been one of the most popular kits for years. The reason for this is certainly his high loyalty to his role model, which above all We owe it to the owner of the original, who let us carefully photograph and measure the ship down to the smallest detail. The ride of this beautiful beefy cutter is particularly impressive and those who dare to do something special should set about making the nets lowerable.

The construction set of the Sirius is very richly equipped. The spacious hull is deep-drawn from ABS, the deck is planked with precious wood. All superstructures are made of precious wood parts. The poles made of brass tube and the set of fittings with countless small metal parts leave nothing to be desired. Realistic nets and lettering as well as a detailed construction plan with instructions and many detailed sketches facilitate the assembly.
Accessories electric motor

Technical data:
Scale: 1:16
Length: 900 mm
Width: 330 mm
Height: 720 mm

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