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Krick Nordstrand Trawler Yacht

Part No:

Price: 200.00

Approx: 195.00 / US$201.67 Tax Free

Nordstrand is a modern trawler yacht, the originals of which come from a Dutch shipyard. With its wide displacement hull it has a nice sailing pattern on the water, which always makes an impression and yet the northern beach is not slow and very manoeuvrable. That Model in scale 1:16 has adopted the good driving characteristics of the original.

The components of Nordstrand are mainly made of the best quality deep-drawn ABS plastic, which makes the assembly simple and pleasing. High accuracy of fit makes this model a success even for beginners. Nevertheless, the large fuselage offers many design options for additional functions. A Max Power 600 can be used to drive the Nordstrand. In connection with an electronic speed controller, all driving manoeuvres can be performed with the Nordstrand as with the original.

The kit contains all deep-drawn ABS parts, stamped ABS and plywood parts as well as all fittings for the many details shown, such as window frames, fenders and life jackets. A detailed building plan 1:1 and a precise building instruction with many tips and hints for beginners are also included.

Scale: 1:16
Length: 850mm
Beam 315mm

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