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Krick Lisa M Motor Yacht

Part No:

Price: 124.00

Approx: 121.93 / US$135.36 Tax Free

Krick Lisa
The Lisa M. is a typical motor yacht, like you would find in most ports and Marinas worldwide. It has a classical and elegant design with good performance.

All parts of the structure are laser cut from plywood . The hull is formed from ABS and secures thus absolutely simple installation of the drive unit with optimum watertightness and security when driving. The deck is one piece ply and contains a large opening for ease of access. The complete structure can be removed in one piece.

All included fittings either plastic or metal. The ship's boat is available as optional extra. A detailed manual with step by step illustrations as well as plans at 1:1 scale are included.

The Krick Lisa Contains:
ABS Hull.
Laser cut wooden internal, deck and superstructure components.
Injection moulded plastic and metal deck fittings.
400 size motor
Propshaft, prop and coupling.
Rudder assembly and R/C pushrods.
Full model size building plan.
Fully illustrated English instruction manual.

Scale 1:25
Length: 690mm
Beam: 205mm
Height: 310mm

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